Chapter 11: Do you feel confident?

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We hope that your handwriting or let’s say, calligraphy practice is well and truly underway. It’s quite a long journey once you get into it. For those of you who have seriously taken up calligraphy as a new hobby – good on you! Don’t forget that HandsUp4Handwriters will always be behind your back, supporting you and praising you to continue with your mighty calligraphy journey.

For a change, as the author writing for this campaign I’d like to share some personal insight into my very own calligraphy journey that began late last year. Like many of you, I was never confident about my handwriting and always hated how messy it looked. So I avoided practising it completely and didn’t even think about improving my handwriting skills because I thought there was no hope. But when I became really active on Instagram, I came across some calligraphy photos that left me flabbergasted. I got quite obsessed with some calligraphers on Instagram and followed them closely, observing and liking every single photo they posted. I think that’s where my love for calligraphy sparked. When this became a daily habit that I completely lost myself in, I realised that it was time for me to start acting upon my desires to become a calligrapher too. I began researching about calligraphy pens and actually invested in some brush pens from a Japanese brand named “Kuretake”. I couldn’t find it here in Sydney so I had to ask a relative all the way in South Korea to buy the pens and had it shipped to me.

When I first received the brush pen and tried to write my name with it – it was nothing near what I expected it to look like. I was so disappointed that I wanted to give up on the spot. But a thought hit me, calligraphy is a form of art that takes time to refine and develop. I was expecting perfect results before I even studied the basics. So to go back to the basics, I went out and explored on the net and bought some books that teach calligraphy. Following the book in my spare time, I started practising calligraphy on a regular basis. I didn’t need my brush pen to practise, in fact, I trained my hand with a pencil instead. As of today, I write so much neater and tidier. One of the lessons I learnt while learning calligraphy was that you need to slow down and find a rhythm in your handwriting style that works for you. As I’m a lefty this especially helped me improve my handwriting. I found that keeping my handwriting notes and ideas as well calligraphy practise in a Moleskine notebook helped me keep everything together. It comes in all sorts of sizes and colours and they use high quality paper so you can basically find your perfect notebook from their range.

I’m still on the road to becoming an actual calligrapher as I’ve only just started to train my handwriting with a brush pen. The transition from pencil to brush pen isn’t easy in the beginning, but once you experiment with it this way and that you do come to a point of realisation on how to use it. What I love about the brush pen is the delicacy of it. Decorating my handwriting becomes an even more enjoyable process when it comes to practising calligraphy with a brush pen.

Do I feel confident? Well, maybe not a 100% but I’m getting there. I wouldn’t mind sharing my work on Instagram just like the calligraphers who inspired me. I think that’s the best bit out my modern day calligraphy – people don’t care about the rules anymore. Anyone who likes your style of handwriting would appreciate it as if it’s some really fancy work of art.

I think picking up calligraphy as one of my hobbies was a great decision. Not many people do it and I get to practise my handwriting by that excuse. It’s such a good and rewarding way to kill time when I’m bored or even when I’m at a cafe by myself. Throughout your calligraphy journey you will probably find someone who admires your work which is also a very grateful experience.

So what I want to share with you all today is: practise and be confident. These two always go together for a reason. If you practise enough of your handwriting, you will gradually find confidence it’s a natural effect.

Just keep in my that everything takes time so slow down and don’t rush yourself!

Happy Handwriting 🙂



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