Chapter 9: Where to begin?

We’ve introduced you to modern day calligraphy in Chapter 8 but kind of left you hanging clueless on where to start. So this chapter will provide you with the ultimate resources on where to start your calligraphy journey.

We understand that you may find this whole ‘take up calligraphy as your next hobby’ idea might be a little daunting for you. But seriously, once you get started – you will be completely obsessed with it!

It’s a really good way to take your mind off things, slip out of reality for a bit and just take it easy for once.

In order to provide you with one of the best resources to begin your calligraphy journey, we’ve been madly hunting on the Internet and found two amazing blogs to share with you all today.

Here’s our first:

1. Pieces Calligraphy blog by Sharisse. 

When we encountered her blog for the first time, we immediately fell in love with her work. We especially admired her passion for handwriting:

“I love turning the written word into inspiration, motivation, and excitement for others to enjoy. More than creating beautiful pieces, I love to teach. I love sharing the art of calligraphy and helping others find and fulfill their dreams.” – About (

But what we were really grateful for was her desire to share her extensive knowledge about calligraphy. On her blog, she suggests that “brush calligraphy” is a good entry point for first time learners. She has a series of beginner tips on supplies and tutorials with videos (YES VIDEOS!) that can help you get started. Also, one of the best highlights of her blog is that she provides tips for lefties (click on this link and navigate around her blog to find all those cool tips for lefty calligraphers). She also has a beautiful Instagram page (check image below) that you can follow for inspiration. The way she uses colours in her work is also another thing to learn from her world of calligraphy.

2. The Postman’s Knock blog by Lindsey. 

This is another cool calligraphy blog that has a “Learn Calligraphy” category – but unfortunately you need pay to download the worksheets. While reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Modern Calligraphy” we came across these inspirational words:

“It is my firm belief that anyone can create modern calligraphy. Even if you think your handwriting is horrible, there is someone out there who would like it on their wedding invitation provided you write with a dip pen. People love modern calligraphy because it blatantly ignores traditional rules and celebrates personality!” 

We’ve bolded the final sentence because that’s essentially what modern calligraphy is about. There are no rules. It’s completely how you want to approach it.

A fascinating concept that this blog introduces us to is “faux calligraphy”. It’s basically cheat calligraphy by just using a pen and imitating the way dip pen is written on paper but hey, what a clever way to approach calligraphy? Keep in mind: imitating someone’s work is an important learning process in the field of art! You don’t have to feel bad about it!

We also especially loved the way she uses inspirational quotes in the examples of her work:

Image credit:

So, handwriters – are you ready to learn modern calligraphy now? We think we are!

A special hands up for Sharisse and Lindsey for teaching such amazing calligraphy.

Happy Handwriting 🙂



3 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Where to begin?

  1. What an absolute honor! Thank you so much for your extremely generous words, and for sharing my work! I love teaching and seeing you pay it forward was icing on the cake. Thanks again for spreading the good word about calligraphy and handlettering. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting! I absolutely admire the effort that you put into your work. Can’t wait to go through blog in the holidays and learn how to practise calligraphy properly 🙂 Happy Handwriting! -Y.K-


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