Chapter 10: Practise! Practise! Practise!

Now that we’ve shown you where to get your calligraphy supplies in Chapter 9, in this Chapter we will be urging you to PRACTISE! PRACTISE! PRACTISE! Because “PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT” 

Perfecting art usually takes time, so we want you to take it slow and practise it step by step. If you practise your basics thoroughly enough you will grow with your skills overtime. Good basics lead to good skills, no matter what field you’re in.

If you’re picking up calligraphy as your new hobby, you should treat it seriously. Think of it as a new gym routine that you’re trying it out. You wouldn’t just do it once and leave it aside right? If you want to see improvements and actually achieve something in life, you need to be strategic and actually set up a plan and stick to it. For a hobby like calligraphy, you need to be motivated to do this so we’ve come up with a few tips and that may help you get into a good strategic habit of practising your calligraphy on a daily basis.

Tip #1: Get a petite notepad or notebook

A petite notepad or notebook sized appropriately for your daily handbag or backpack would be ideal. You want something that you can take around everywhere you go. Remember Jessie’s Instagram feed? She takes a small notebook to wherever she travels and records her quotes inspired by the particular location. It’s handy and immediately accessible so you don’t have to worry about not having paper to write on when your out and about. If you find any inspirational quotes you like, jot it down. This daily notepad/notebook is basically your scrapbook – a resource for your calligraphy practice.

Tip #2: Keep a diary

It’s rare to see people keep personal diaries now. By this we’re not referring to schedulers – we actually mean personal handwritten diaries that we all used to keep at least some point in time when we we’re young. It’s one of those rituals that we carried out for school homework and assignments but if you think about it there’s nothing as good as keeping a diary when you want to reflect on a moment, memory or day-to-day encounters. How is this related to calligraphy? It’s going to train your pen grip and strengthen your hand muscles so you can eventually write for a longer period without getting exhausted. A personal diary is essentially the story of your life – keep in mind that sometimes your own handwritten words will bring back stronger memories than photos.

Tip #3: Use your spare time on social media wisely

Yes, we mean wisely. We are completely aware that our generation is addicted to technology, especially our smartphones. Now, we may be generalising here but seriously, who doesn’t check their phone 24/7 in this digital age? How many times in a day do you mindlessly scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed when you don’t even find anything interesting? Stop wasting time on things your not interested in and actually look for some calligraphy inspiration on social media. Find calligraphers that you like through #hashtags and follow their work. When images of their work shows up on your feed, you’ll be inspired and motivated to practise some calligraphy skills. This also means you won’t be wasting your time on social media, you’re actually spending quality time gathering resources for your calligraphy hobby.

Tip #4: Listening to music?

You know those days when you’re because it’s your day off uni or work and you just want to relax with some music but kind of feel like you’re wasting your valuable time? Grab a few coloured or pencils (whatever you have at home) and get your notepad out. Turn up your music and jot down part of the lyrics that you really like while listening. You’ll probably feel like you just experienced a natural music therapy session. And who knows? You might remember those lyrics more thoroughly if you do it often enough!

Happy Handwriting!



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