Chapter 8: Modern Day Calligraphy

For those of you who are not attracted to taking up calligraphy as a hobby yet, we assume that it may be due to a misconception that calligraphy is an outdated, ancient craft.

So today our aim is to persuade you and show you that there is more to calligraphy because it’s no longer what you think it is anymore! In fact, modern day calligraphy is a an art form that is somewhat completely different to those classic script-style handwriting.

To get and idea of what “modern day calligraphy” is, check out the fancy Instagram accounts listed on this article from Huffington Post Australia: 20 Handwriting Instagram Account That’ll Make You Want To Pick Up A Pen.

If you’re a passionate Instagrammer, you’ve probably seen some of these fancy handwriting/calligraphy photos pop up on your feed at some point. At HandsUp4Handwriters, we especially liked Jessie’s Instagram feed (if you have an Instagram account you can follow her @jessierjl):

___Day 178. It's back to Vancouver today. 😭😭😭 how did time pass so fast.

A post shared by Jessie. (@jessierjl) on

Her works of calligraphy serves as a great example for modern day calligraphy. The way she shares her work is interesting too – evident in the image above, she takes a photo of her work in the locations where she was inspired to create her calligraphy works. This is probably a good inspirational source for those of you who like to travel and take photos. Why not incorporate some handwritten notes into the photos you take when you travel around the world? It’ll give you that extra personal touch to your photos and make it standout on Instagram. Also, if you write something down in the moment – it might bring back more memories than just snapping a photo, because handwriting is linked to cognitive activity.

Another fascinating calligrapher on Instagram is Alexis Deaton who is a wedding and events calligrapher (Click on her name to see her website). You’re probably familiar with the fact that a lot of calligraphers work on invitation cards often used in weddings and special events. Her style of calligraphy is somewhat different to Jessie’s but also has a modernistic approach to the art of handwriting. We love scrolling through her feed to read all the quotes that she’s expressed beautifully in her own unique style of handwriting.

Have a look at this one:

Like Alexis, a good way to practise your handwriting is to find some quotes that you like and express it on paper. Notice how she doesn’t write in one straight line and breaks up her words to make it more interesting? One of the joys of calligraphy is that you can exaggerate the words you like so it pops out from the paper. Think of it as a form of highlighting.

Modern Day Calligraphy is an art form open to all. It’s a form of handwriting, but just fancy and decorative. We want to make the process of practising your handwriting enjoyable and interesting for you all. If you just do a simple hashtag search (e.g. #calligraphy) on Instagram or Pinterest you will probably find heaps of resources to look at when you take on calligraphy as a your new hobby. There are so many spaces to explore in the world of modern calligraphy, you will never be bored!

Happy Handwriting 🙂



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